Not sure if there will be much discussion about this, but I know at least one or two people who could throw their two cents in. I'll start with a match I watched recently:

Falco vs. Keegan, No DQ 2016 HVW I Am Champion

Watched this one at the suggestion of Sam. Iíve seen Falco once before, in a great match against Syd Parker. Never seen Keegan. Before the match I watched a Falco promo explaining a bit about the story, which was nice. The basic concept of a match was a ďchairsĒ match where only chairs specifically were legal, but Falco was trying to win the match without using any weapons. Itís a solid concept Iíve seen executed a bit better elsewhere but once I got into the idea I think they did it relatively well. Falco seemed like a pretty good straightforward babyface with something to prove in this match. Keegan didnít impress me so much physically but he did a lot of nice bumping and stooging to get over his character, which I appreciate. Overall I thought this was very solid, not as good as Falco/Syd but still Iím enjoying these looks into Australian wrestling.