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    The Unofficial Columns Forum Top Trumps ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT 2018 (Bruno bracket Round 1)

    Let battle carry on resuming continuing

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with the last of the opening round matchups for the Writer of the Year tournament. We have another four matches to take place before we move onto Round 2 so without further ado, letís dive into the Sammartino bracket.

    Matchups for today

    Benjamin Button vs Mavsman

    Mavsman makes his entrance first, Benjamin Buttons music hits but he doesnít come out.

    The ref heads over to the ring announcer and has words with him. The announcer nods and takes his spot in the middle of the ring

    Ring announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Benjamin Button has opted out of the tournament, therefore your winner by forfeit, Mavsman.

    Mavsman celebrates the win, and then grabs the mic off of the announcer

    Mavsman: Smart move Benjamin, you knew you couldnít beat me so better to give up than embarrass yourself. Iím surprised we are even having this tournament, we all already know who the best writer on the site is, and it is Ö.

    Skulduggeryís music cuts him off mid-sentence as he makes his way out for his match.

    Mavsman meets him at the ramp and yells at Skul, but Skulduggery blanks him and proceeds to the ring. Mavs heads up the ramp to the stage before turning back with the mic still in hand

    Mavsman: You best hope that you donít make it through to the next round, because you just pissed off the best writer in Ö.

    Jacobís music hits as he begins making his entrance, cutting off Mavsmanís speech once again. Mavsman storms to the back while JWG makes his way to the ring for his match

    JacobWrestledGod vs Skulduggery

    The bell rings and the two lock up, Jacob pushes Skul to the corner but Skul with a punch and into a rear waist lock takedown, Skul with a punch to the face and then sends JWG into the ropes, Skul with a forearm and he follows with some stomps to the chest. He gets JWG up and whips him to the ropes, Jacob slides round to the back and hits a chicken wing suplex. Jacob follows with an elbow drop to the back, he gets Skulduggery up but Skul with a neckbreaker.

    Skul with an elbow drop and then a quick backbreaker. JWG sweeps the legs and hits a forearm to stagger Skul, Jacob with a big suplex and then a kick to the back. He gets Skul up by the arm but Skul turns it into an arm drag and then hits a leg drop to the arm. Skul with a forearm leaving JWG on the second rope, Skul uses the knee to choke him against the rope. Skul heads to the top rope and goes for a diving forearm but JWG rolls out the way, Skul rolls through and JWG charges but Skul continues the roll and manages to roll it into a small package.



    JWG back up as Skul runs the ropes, Jacob with a spinning arm drag. JWG gets him up and goes to attack but Skul slides out and hits a Russian leg sweep. Skul gets Jacob up and hits him with a sitout piledriver and covers



    Skul heads up top and poses and nails an elbow drop to JWG. Skul covers



    Kickout from Jacob
    Skul gets Jacob up and pulls the leg out from under him and hits a leg DDT on it. Jacob gets Skul up and whips him into the ropes, Jacob catches him with a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Jacob with a knee drop, he gets Skul up but Skul with a gutwrench suplex to take him down. Skulduggery takes Jacob to the top rope, and goes for a superplex but JWG with a punch to the ribs, and then another to knock him down. Jacob with a diving crossbody and he covers



    Skul is sat up and JWG with a rear chin lock, he gets skul up and hits him with a michinoku driver, JWG follows up with an octopus lock right in the middle of the ring. Skul struggles towards the ropes but JWG keeps him fairly central, Skul fights to his feet and hits a sort of backbreaker from it. Skul rests in the cover



    Kickout by JWG
    Both men get to their feet and Mavsman rushes the ring, kendo stick in hand, he nails Skul in the gut and then a shot to JWGs head and the ref calls for the bell

    Mavsman goes to town on Skul with the kendo stick, JWG with a dropkick to Mavsman knocking him down, the stick slides out the ring, Jacob grabs Mavsman for a DDT but Mavsman slides out and hits a low blow before leaving the ring.

    As Mavs retreats up the ramp while JWG and Skul stand in the ring, Steve appears on stage but he is dressed to do General Manager things, not to wrestle. He has a mic in hand.

    Steve: What the hell Mavs?

    Mavsman grabs a mic from ringside: I will not have these two disrespecting me, I am the future writer of the year 2018 champion and these two think itís alright to cut me off while Iím speaking.

    Steve: You just fucked with the tournament bracket, and by all rights I should remove you from the tournament.

    This gets a mild pop

    Steve: However, I figure instead Iíll just take one of wrestlings clichťs and use it here instead, the second round match will see Mavsman take on Skulduggery and JacobWrestledGod in a triple threat match (The Crowd cheers). ďSo Skul, Jacob if you have any lingering anger towards Mavs for interrupting, think you can save it for the next showĒ?

    Skul and Jacob nod from the ring as Mavs look on concerned as Steveís music hits and he heads to the back.

    I wanted to do something different for at least one of the matches, sue me.

    Itís a shame that Ben didnít want to be a part of the tournament, but the matches were already set and the stats already gathered, so a forfeit was the only option.

    That said, while he may not have wanted to be in the tournament, he still gets a card.

    Like I said, it is a shame he is out of the tournament, he actually had some great stats, reaching the top ten.

    Mazza vs FrozenWaffle

    FrozenWaffle is out first. Mazza is out second.

    Mazza with a right hand and lock up, Mazza powers him into the ropes and hits him with another right hand. Waffle with a quick rear waist lock takedown into a headlock, FW with a quick knee to the back, he charges at Mazza but Maz sends him over the top ropes to the floor. Mazza sends him into the barrier and then hits a back suplex. Mazza with a series of punches keeping Waffle down, Mazza slides back in the ring, Waffle soon follows.

    Mazza with more punches leaving Waffle in the corner, Mazza with a big corner clothesline, Mazza with another back suplex. He goes for a kick but Waffle catches him with a dragon screw. FW with a couple quick stomps, he then follows with a series of kicks to the head. Mazza whips Waffle to the apron but suplexes him back in, Mazza with a quick rear chin lock, FW fights out and hits a back suplex.

    Mazza fights back to his feet and hits a sidewalk slam on Waffle, he follows up with a reverse suplex, into a cover.


    Mazza charges at Waffle but Waffle with a knee to the gut, FW attacks the arm and whips Maz into the ropes, Waffle with a snap powerslam. FW with a high kick to the head, he goes for an enziguri but Mazza ducks, Mazza goes to grab but Waffle kicks his hands away and then hits him with an enziguri. He covers


    Waffle keeping Mazza down, FW sends him to the corner and drops him into a seated position. Waffle with a dropkick to the face, he covers



    Waffle with a rear headlock, Mazza fights to his feet and hits a spinebuster. Mazza covers



    Waffle back up and he hits Mazza with a falcon arrow suplex, he follows with a kick to the back of the leg and then a back suplex. Waffle lifts Mazza in a firemans carry but Mazza with elbows to get out. Waffle with an elbow to the face, Mazza rebounds off the ropes into a jawbreaker, he staggers and FW with a snapmare and rear choke. Mazza fights out and locks in a crossface, he wrenches it but is losing his grip, Mazza releases the hold and gets to his feet quickly.

    Mazza heads to the top rope, Waffle runs up and hits a belly to belly from the top rope. Waffle hops to the apron and leaps at Mazza, but Mazza catches him with a kick to the stomach and hits him with a pedigree. Mazza covers




    Winner: Mazza

    Mazza poses in the ring, celebrating the win.

    Waffle popped in for New Japanís G1 Climax and outside of a few FoF appearances, that would be his year. I think as far as the first round goes, the feedback is pretty much the same for everyone, just need to write more. But it ainít always possible.

    Kingzak13 vs Pennycook Mills

    Pennycook is out first.

    The lights go dim and a group of heralds with fanfare trumpets come onto the stage. They play some Royal Fanfare Music as Zak comes out onto the stage, a wolf pelt draped across his back and head. The trumpeting stops and Zakís entrance theme begins as the Warrior King approaches the ring, the crowd are losing their collective shit.

    Fireworks go off on the stage as Kingzak poses on the stage, he reaches the ring and removes the wolf pelt and crown as he poses on the apron prompting another round of fireworks. The crowd is still losing their shit.

    Zak leaps over the ropes but his foot gets caught and he falls flat on his face. The audience laugh and begin the ďYou fucked upĒ chant

    Pennycook enters the ring, the chants continue. Zak bows his head to Mills and the bell finally rings to get this one underway.

    The two lock up and Mills with a headlock, Zak goes into the ropes and whips Mills to the ropes, Zak goes for an arm drag but Mills turns it around into one of his own. PCM with a punch and Zak retorts with an enziguri, KZ stomps on the arm, Mills gets up and Zak with a leaping reverse STO. Zak follows with a Russian leg sweep. Mills with a snapmare and rear choke, Zak fights out but Mills whips him to the ropes, Zak puts on the breaks but Mills with a reverse snap powerslam.

    PCM with an elbow, he goes for a right but Zak ducks it and hits a suplex, Zak covers for a one count. Zak with a couple quick elbow drops to the chest, he sends Pennycook to the corner and puts him up top, Zak with a spider suplex and follows up with an imploding 450 splash. Zak with an alpamare waterslide and he covers



    PCM is back to his feet and hits Zak with a dropkick, Zak with a right hand and goes for a suplex but PennyCook slides out and hits a neckbreaker. He hits a couple of elbows and heads up top, he leaps with a crossbody at Zak but Zak catches him and powers him onto his shoulders and hits him with an F5. Zak covers



    Kickout by PennyCook
    Zak gets Pennycook up and PCM counters a suplex into one of his own. PCM goes to attack but Zak with a punch to the stomach; he follows with a big chop leaving Mills in the corner. Zak with a big kick and then stomps a mudhole into him. Zak whips him into the opposite corner; Zak puts him up top and hits an avalanche Spanish Fly. Zak heads to the apron and slinghots in with a 450 splash but PCM rolls out the way. Pennycook with a dropkick to back, PCM with a DDT.

    Zak knocks Pennycook back and hits him into the corner, Zak puts him up top and goes to the top, Pennycook fights him off and knocks him to the canvas, PCM leaps off the top and Zak hits him with a spinning heel kick out of the air, Zak covers




    Winner: Kingzak13

    Zak retrieves his wolf pelt and crown, and puts them back on. Mills staggers to his feet and Zak offers a handshake. The two shake hands and Mills leaves the ring.

    Firstly, Iím pretty sure that was his avatar, I had it on the unfinished cards from last March and April. Overall not too bad a set of stats there, but ultimately, the reset fucked him. Thatís the best way to put it.

    And thus the first round is at a close, moving on to round two are

    Don Franc
    And me

    There are some exciting match ups ahead of us, but right now, it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. My deepest commiserations to the writers who did not make it through the first round, hope you can still enjoy the rest of the series and to everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed todayís matches and I will see you next time.

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    Gotta say, the reset may have saved you from losing your own tournament in the first round! IIRC, Penny had a great start here it was just a shame he never made it back after the reset. Reckon he'd possibly even have been on the main page already.

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