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    To All The Stars I Loved Before

    King Kong Bundy, did the avalanche fall from underneath you...Are you really down for the five count? For me you'll bust Hogan's ribs on loop for eternity.

    Bret Hart and Chris Benoit, you work a part of the body and transition seamlessly from offense to offense in a match for Owen Hart. He's in your midst. You offer him the best sacrifices, your in-ring work. It's a dark time for both of you and it will get worse, but in the end, Bret, you put your arm around Benoit and walked out with him. It's a slice of heaven served in hell. You are saved for this. Thank you for entertaining me. I'm sorry for life. I'm sorry you lost your grip on your submissions of it. Benoit and Bret, I'm sorry it reversed your holds on it. I remember you with Owen looking down.

    Billy Graham, you don't need ring music. The sensation of your color when color TV just came out is enough. You're bronze and your back muscle cannot be overlooked. The Grand Wizard is a rainbow that you walk down to your pot of gold. No sensation should steal from your look, your voice. You're not a bitter man, because I'm trapping you in the 1970's. Thank you for inspiring so many who I grew up on! Thank you for inspiring me!

    Jim Ross, you're sixty-seven with Bell's palsy, and you want to keep giving. But you've given enough. You've been the greatest. You're voice sounded itself into the eternal depth of my childhood. Thank you for what you did with that child. I believe those days relive themselves. Me, a child, you the voice I hear and imitate. I'm not that child, but you and him continue in your time. Thanks for being there for him.

    Ric Flair, you don't struggle with confidence because it's the mid-late 1980's. You are the draw and if you ever go to WWF, you'll show Hogan who's best. You're wearing the alligator shoes and dancing in them. You're creating lines for pop culture. You're influencing future rap stars. You're making everyone want more of the lavish things in life. You're blading for my entertainment. Thank you for your blood.

    Brian Pillman, such a young life? I must be reaching the age you ever reached. You probably are too high to read this, but I love your work. you were my first favorite wrestler. I just hope you can come back; overcome the odds. I had faith in you; believed you could beat my brothers' favorite wrestlers, Hogan and Luger, in a handicapped match. But, hell, aint that the underdog story? Thank you for teaching me not to give up. You're saved by your art.

    Dusthy Rodesth, you're impromptu is genius. Dusty, when you chase, it aint after your tail. You do it for a reason. There's passion; there's purpose! You're always fighting for something bigger than yourself. But you're larger than life. I hate that you had to go, but loved what you left behind. Even your mistakes will teach a generation. You tried. And now all you did: the trial, the error, the success will teach another generation. Through your seed wrestling outside WWE may live forever. You're immortal!

    Luna Vachon, you scared the shit out of me! Caused me pain cause you heeled so goddamn good. You could make a broomstick look good, but you gave and gave and hurt for it. Thank you for being such a character, but thank you for loving wrestling. Sorry you couldn't be the bride, but you're a hell lot better than the brides you were a bridesmaid for. I fear you, but I'll always respect you.

    Lex Luger, the energy will live on. Is you're second life, alright? I hope you have happiness, whatever it is.

    Bobby the Brain, there's no tribute WWE could give to honor you. You shouldn't have gone out that way...Such a wit, and in the end they couldn't put a camera on you. But you're the best and anybody with a brain knows it.

    Andre. Nobody but you, Andre.

    Yoko, you young man.

    Eddy Guerrero you live in those moments and matches, forever...

    Ladies and gentlemen, if we live to a hundred years, what's a hundred out of a billion? Wrestlers work to reach their height and some never get there again. But those moments that touch lives in their world and worlds to come live forever. Through their tell all books and failures to ever live up again to what they once did, they still live in those immortalized moments...But...they die. And after the height of sensation, where is there to go? Strokes, bitterness, poverty... But when they go, we remember when...when they touched us...

    King Kong Bundy, are you really down for five?
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    Lots of proof reading could have been done with here....

    Great concept, remembering all the best from the past, but didn't really delve as far into each memory as it potentially could. Enjoyable for what it was, but it wasn't enough for me.

    And those grammar errors really need work.

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    I see what you were trying to accomplish here. I love the oremise. I definitely think you could have fleshed out the idea a little more before posting it.

    I don't give a crapnugget about grammar, so no worries there. I think yiu could be on to something great if you do a revist to this idea. Death brings a lot of opportunities for excellent writing. Good job dude!

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    Time is an illusion, and every great thing you remember is actually happening always, forever. This came straight from the heart and I am legitimately tearing up a bit at work because I feel every bit of the heartbreak that goes with these feelings. Hope you're doing alright, man.

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    haha, you know there's been a tourny recently when everyone is on their grammar and format feedback.

    You almost gave me a heart attack seeing Luger's name.

    I do agree that this could be an entry in to visiting folks on a deeper level, but either way it's still timely with Bundy and Luke Perry passing.

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    Got to admit, the odd mistake doesn't bother me, but this just had a consistency to the errors which I felt needed to be discussed and worked on

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    [QUOTE=DynamiteBillington;19475]Lots of proof reading could have been done with here....

    Next time I will do a lot of proof reading with this "here" that you speak of.

    Law, I am looking into doing something bigger for each entry, or at least some of them.

    Mizfan, It was definitely more a piece just moved by someone I really enjoyed passing. The time thing, you mentioned there, was the theme.

    Shane, Luger is special in that he seems to have found such a sweet place in his current person. It goes to a sort of theory that happiness can be manufactured from within, no matter what.
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    Ya gave me heart attack when I saw Jim Ross and thought he ded?

    You know I am a straight sucker for such pieces. Emotive, simple, heart felt. I love adding those alive because how many of us really just missed those who passed and actually make big hoo ha about the wrestlers only when they died? Remember the dead, yes, but have we ever cherish the living?

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    It was really more a piece about time than death...I think Jim Ross in his old age wants to live in different times, when he was a different person...People want to relive those special moments, and sometimes older people struggle with relevancy.

    People are remembered for themselves at their best, and I don't know if there's enough appreciation that can ever be given to them for the good they did to make up for every waking moment that they don't/can't perform at that level anymore.

    Some people are made happy for what they can receive; but for those who are made happy by giving, it can be a bitch when they don't/can't give enough...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    Time is an illusion, and every great thing you remember is actually happening always, forever.
    This thought goes so perfectly with this column.

    I actually recently listened to a podcast about time that was truly mind bending talking about time as the fourth dimension but how we can't properly perceive it because just as a drawing on a piece of paper is bound by the two dimensions its reality is confined to we are bound to travelling through time in only one direction. However to someone with a different perspective the past, present and future simultaneously has happened, is happening and will happen forever.

    This piece is beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Love your work Benny.,


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    Thanks, Sam! Been enjoying your work as well every time I catch a read

    Razor and HBK on Loop

    When I first moved to Illinois, I felt the fall wind. The perfect breeze that refreshed, without a bite, whirled around my soul. I married a woman. We went to church. Winter came, and that was cold near Chicago.

    Hope died for me when I was married to a woman who wanted to spend more than I could ever make. Hope died to me in a church where only my eyes could see every story, every belief, every anecdote meant enriching those who lived beyond well on the tax-free dollars that the common man threw in the plates. I don’t fault the deacons for passing out the plates; they didn’t know better…Those around me gave, including my wife—they gave believing God would bless them one-thousand-fold. The blessing against my credit card never came.

    “I want to live in debt,” my wife told me when I gave her a budgeting plan.

    Year after year, I gave my taxes and profit-sharing money to pay off debt. But in 2013 three things happened: I was younger and looked as good as I ever did, I divorced her, and I took the company that paid me up on a one time offer that I could take out my 401K without a penalty, since they were being bought out.

    For the first time ever I had money in the bank, I had all the promise in the world to move up, and I was in the shape of my life.

    Before you make me the asshole, let me tell you if my marriage with my ex were a Kenny Rogers song, Ruby had both sent me to Vietnam and took her love to town while I lay crippled at home. But she didn’t take a dime when she left, and for that I respect her, forever.

    During this time, my YouTube playlist showed that Wrestle-Mania X match, again and again. Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon were in shape and lean and living cartoon characters doing a style match that never been done before. Shawn had been in trouble and left the WWF and took his belt with him. But somehow he came back: he skinned the cat and flipped backwards back in the ring. Razor began what could be the start of a great career. Diesel accompanied Shawn to ringside. Three men made their way to the biggest stage in an industry that only a year earlier seemed to be doubled down that it’d been open for business for only Hulk Hogan and his friends.

    I played it on loop. Shawn’s splash happened again and again, and in that moment Jeff Hardy never did three sixty splashes through tables. This splash was something the Madison Square Garden crowd, whose cheers replayed, never saw. Vince McMahon’s voice over the image of the famous building, said “we’re making history here!”

    Half the time I sat in front of it I was drinking a lot of beer, but Vince kept saying, “we’re making history here!” Razor had a ladder thrown on his back. Michaels flipped over the turnbuckle with the ladder and sold like no body else. Each response was an eternity on loop. Each response was heaven.

    “Two champions,” Razor said, “one match to decide it all.” Scott Hall spoke this in a place in life that was somewhere after getting his break as the Diamond Stud in WCW that led nowhere and somewhere before rising to his height in the nWo. He spoke this after knowing of a murder in self defense he did that he, maybe just during that moment, overcame and somewhere before he was known for his drug addiction. He’ll never be the same man, again. And he’ll forever, in that moment be that man with quantum physics on his side. The other champ, HBK had world titles ahead of him, DX ahead of him, a pain killer addiction ahead of him, religion ahead of him, Mr. Wrestle-Mania and balding ahead of him. But here he was just starting; here he was reforming the ladder match. Here he was breaking barriers that men his size aren’t allowed to break. He was the envy of Randy Savage who must wrestle on that same card and must somehow top him.

    And here I was plotting my next step. I was in a place in my life I never thought I’d be. I had opportunities at work I never thought I'd have. Somehow, I tapped into that fall breeze that I never thought I’d feel again.
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    You know how I love your work, but I'll say it again: I love your work. To take a moment in time and capture not only this special feeling, but also to weave into your personal story, the way you do it is amazing to me. Your stuff is so powerfully poignant that it tears my heart at times, but I can't get enough of it.

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