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    Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

    I've heard that there's some interesting stuff going on in AAA at the moment, so much so that I think it's got to be worth seeing if they can sustain their own thread, rather than just lumping all Lucha conversation in together.

    So anything related to the AAA promotion, from the 1992 split right the way up to the present day, goes here!

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    I watched some of the stuff from earlier this year and OUCH is all I can say to describe it. Some of the undercard stuff was good but there was a Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Wagner (the former Dr Wagner Jr) match that felt right out of the worst of Russo, courtesy of Vampiro.

    But yeah, I hear that things are looking up in a major way. Mysterio booked for an upcoming event is a great sign, and they've brought back some other notable guys recently like Jack Evans and Juventud Guerrera, as well as Cult's other favorite Teddy Hart.

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