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    WWE The Shield's Final Chapter

    The next WWE Network event is apparently called The Shield's Final Chapter, on April 21st.

    So far a triple threat against unknown opposition and a Finn Balor IC title defence are what we're expecting to get.

    I guess more will become clear across the course of the week.

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    The main page just had a report stating:

    There’s no word yet on the opponents for The Shield or Balor, but the Tax Slayer Center has had The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley advertised.
    My guess is that there three will be the opponents for the Shield. It makes sense.

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    This all seems a bit...weird, no? I get the whole 'play the hits on your way out' side of things, but WWE is making a big thing of Dean not re-signing with them when it's normally handled quite quietly. And while I guess it would have become an open secret that Dean was leaving given the world of rumours we live in, WWE leaning into it seems odd to me. I suppose there must still be goodwill there from them to Dean, and vice versa, but this is essentially building a whole Special Event to be a goodbye to someone who's leaving the company - not even retiring or being forced to retire, but leaving and will likely continue to wrestle somewhere else.

    If that's legitimate, and Dean really is off, it seems odd that WWE is making such a big thing of one of their main eventers, or potential main eventers, leaving, essentially advertising it to everyone.

    The alternative is that this is a very elaborate ruse, and they're going to do something dramatic here with Ambrose, who has re-signed with WWE. Which would be tremendous.

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